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Accelerating Patient Recovery:
Nutrition for
Musculoskeletal Conditions

You will learn clinically proven strategies and protocols.

We have decoded what the ingredients do, so that 
you can customize for your patients' specific situations.

These protocols work with most high quality supplements.

Saturday, February 24th
4 hour Virtual Workshop 

Plus optional Q&A Time

1pm Eastern, 12pm Central,
11am Mountain, 10am Pacific


In this Live-Virtual Event
You're Going To  Learn about...
  • Individual  Strategies for different aspects of each condition
  • How Individual Ingredients Work and what to expect from the protocol
  • Customize to the Individual Patient  by understanding how the strategies work
  • When to Use Each Strategy and when to modify or discontinue

Learn Nutritional Protocols to:

  •  Accelerate Patient Recovery
  • ​Enhance Clinical Outcomes
  • Optimize Patient Satisfaction
Clinical nutrition expert and sought-after instructor reveals his secrets for systematically approaching nutritional therapies so you can customize solutions to individual patients.

"When I started with clinical nutrition, there was no system. It seemed like an insurmountable amount of information to memorize. After years of dedicated focus, I learned to decode the formulas in the cookbooks so that I could let those go and truly customize nutrition to the individual patient... and in doing so, my outcomes skyrocketed. When you join us, you'll be able to decode clinical nutrition for musculoskeletal conditions too."

Darren Kirchner

Join us for this Live-Virtual Workshop!

Accelerating Patient Recovery:
Nutrition for
Musculoskeletal Conditions

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